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We measure the input and output voltage from the power source to the controller’s step down transformer to ensure allowable voltage variances. We then ohm each valve wire to check the solenoid’s resistance to ensure that the controller/ valve communication is acceptable.

*** During these steps if it is evident that a valve wire is cut (open) or has been disconnected then Green Star has the ability to track and locate the underground wire preventing other labor intensive methods in order to get the system running in a timely manner.***


We inspect wire connections and make sure the wires have a good non-corrosive connection and industry standard silicone filled wire nuts are installed to prevent future moisture break-down. Valve and solenoids are tested and inspected for any external leaks.


Green Star will assess the sprinkler head’s nozzle size, arc, and radius to ensure its peak application performance. In addition, we conduct a water conservation audit and adjust for excess water usage to make the system as water efficient as possible.


Green Star believes that controlling irrigation rust problems at the source is the only way to eliminate costly labor removal efforts for their clients. We install and maintain a wide range of direct chemical injection systems to prevent rust stains on plants, sidewalks, buildings, and curbs. Treating the well's high iron content with preventative chemical measures will save our clients money and protect their long term investments.

*** All products used are plant friendly and EPA / FDA certified *** .