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We take pride in our approach to protect our employees, clients and the general public. Safety is top priority, as each employee is well trained to operate there equipment safety and efficiently through the help of green star's hiring orientation procedures and weekly toolbox meetings. As you will find a labeled safety vests are part of green star's uniform, this is a mandatory garment along with all osha apparel.


“Time is money”...
Green star has established company sop's for each job description in order to work at a high efficiently level. These procedures streamline a workers job description, while clarifying responsibilities and expectations at the companies level. This empowering information helps green star create new jobs and saves our clients money. Sop's allow us to manage each employee, thus holding each person accountable for his or her job quality and duration.


Green star has a method for assuring quality control on every job-site. The q.c. starts with consistent plant growth management. Routine site visits are critical in order to plan trimming exercises and weed control applications immediately after new growth is found. Green star employ's well educated and experienced account managers that manage each property and it's growth cycle. We at green star we practice integrated pest management control methods.

These methods are performed in three stages: prevention, observation, and intervention. It is an ecological approach with a main goal of significantly reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides while at the same time managing pest populations at an acceptable level.

GREEN STAR'S IPM system is designed around six basic components:

  • Find an acceptable pest threshold
  • Use preventative cultural practices
  • Constant monitoring
  • Hand or Mechanical control
  • Biological control measures
  • Use responsible pesticide applications

**** Green Star and it's employees pride themselves on their knowledge and depth to attack any project with precision **** .


As green industry professionals it's our job to educate our clients on the best landscaping and irrigation practices available. We at green star listen first and respond second. An account supervisor is assigned to each maintenance account to simplify the communication between green star and it's clients. This gives the client total access and control of their property's growth and enhancement possibilities with one contact person. Customer care can be summed up in one simple statement “do what we say... Say what do “! At the end of the day green star management is committed to do whatever it takes to provide the highest quality results, outstanding customer service, and a relentless execution to make our clients' vision a reality!


Green star understands the critical aspect of equipment performance and longevity. This is why green star runs only the best green industry machines to create a winning combination. Equipment maintenance are keep to ensure that each machine is running at peak performance when it arrives on your lawn. At the end of the day the green star team changes blades and washes each piece of equipment to hinder the spread of turf diseases.